Create Space

Create Space wizard helps you to create a space and attach all the required assets to it.

Once the Space is created, you can share it with your team and start managing mule applications.

Steps to Create a Space

If you are using IZOps for the first time, the Create Space wizard will popup once logged in.
  1. On the left pane navigate to Create seen at the top.

  2. Click on [Create Space] to open the Create Space wizard.

    create space 88eea

  3. Enter Space Name and Space Description and click on Continue.

    Provide a meaningful name and description

    create space bae73

  4. Attach an SCM Account to the space.

    Space should have at-least one valid SCM account. It helps having access to your source code for deploying applications.

    create space 79747

  5. Attach a deployment account to the space.

    Space should have at-least one valid deployment account. It helps deploy your source code to the deployment account specified.
    • If Trigger Analytics for Account option is selected, the analytics for the account is fetched for reporting.

    • The Analytics Trigger Frequency sets the frequency for getting new updates from the deployment account.

    create space 485e2

  6. Create a Business Platform and attach it to the space.

    A Business Group and selected environments are linked to Business Platform.
    • Select the Business Group.

    • Create a Deployment Sequence by dragging environments from Environment List  Deployment Sequence and ordering them as required.

    • Click Submit to create the Space.

    create space e991c

  7. Space Created Successfully

    After successful creation of a Space, you are navigated to the space dashboard.

create space 89632

To avoid confusions, kindly use meaningful names for the space and assets in them. Attach only the required assets to facilitate controlled usage within a space._