About IZ Accelerators

IZ Accelerators is a productivity and reliability enhancement feature within IZ Anypoint Extension which unlocks the power of pattern based development for Anypoint Platform. To access IZ Accelerator, you need the following things:

  • An Anypoint Platform account and permissions to Anypoint Design Center and Anypoint Exchange

  • License for IZ Accelerators feature from Integral Zone

    Before using IZ Accelerators, make sure you have purchased a valid license.

Generate API

Creation of API itself can be considered to be a pattern to be followed at the enterprise level. IZ Accelerators provides the feature to mark any of the enterprise API and the portal to be an enterprise API pattern and use it in generation of APIs.

IZ Accelerator supports the reuse of API fragments in the organization. You can use the generate API to jumpstart API and portal development.

Generate projects

Generate project features a drag and drop style pattern based development environment which masks the complexities of the actual implementation design.

You can start the implementation from scratch using any of the published enterprise patterns or you can start from a pre-configured solution templates to kick off the development process.

Patterns and Templates

Pattern generator provides an easy to use UI for configuring and building complex integration patterns and solutions designs - which can be re-used and inter linked to deliver innovative, reliable and quality solutions.

IZ Accelerator also introduces the concept of solution templates which combine frequently reused patterns together to solve a common integration problem - while enabling the C4E model to reuse & enhance the patterns and templmates further.