Application Properties

Application Properties refers to the way we securely store and manage secrets and sensitive data in IZ Ops.

IZ Ops mainly integrates and works with Hashicorp Vault for Secret and Sensitive Information Management.

Properties Concepts

IZ Ops helps secure, store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, configurations across different deployments within the organization.

IZ Ops helps store the secure properties at the following levels:

  1. Organization Level

  2. Business Platform Level

  3. Environment Level

  4. Application/Deployment Level

Intent is to re-use secrets at the highest level possible in the above order.

Properties Management

We have different screens provided for storing and managing the properties at different levels.

To manage application properties, steps to follow are:

  1. On the left navigation bar, navigate to Space Settings  App Properties

  2. To create/edit/delete/view properties at Org Level, please select the Organization from the drop down filter and work with the properties

  3. To work with Business Platform Level properties, select Business Platform Under the organization as shown below.

  4. To work with Environment Level properties, select Environment under the business platform as shown below.

  5. To work with Application Level properties, you will use the Create/Edit Deployment screens.

If a property is sensitive and shouldn’t be shown, make sure to select the value as Secure