On-Premise vs Cloud Offering

Based on the requirements, each organization can choose between the Cloud and On-Premise versions. Table below describes the features available in each of the versions -

On-Premise Installation

IZ Analyzer Server Plugin will be distributed through the appropriate release channel (IZ Releases), which can be installed on the SonarQube™ server server maintained by the Organization.

A license key will be provided as part of the on-boarding process, which has to be configured as part of initial setup.

  • Systems from which the source code analysis will be invoked from, should be able to communicate with IZ License Manager to validate the license (For example: a Jenkins instance).


Feature Cloud On Premise


Segregate Projects, Quality Profiles, Quality Gates for each organization

Not Supported

Private & Public Projects

Projects can be marked as private where only the organization members will have access to. Public projects will be visible to every one

All projects are available/visible to members who have access

Maintenance & Upgrades

No overhead of server maintenance. All upgrades/patches will be deployed automatically

Need to manage your own on-prem SonarQube™ server and manually install patches or upgrade servers

IZ Analyzer Server Plugin

All plugin updates will be deployed automatically

Plugin updates can be downloaded from IZ Releases and deployed to SonarQube™ instance

SSO Integration

Supports integration of any organization specific SAML/OpenID SSO apart from the default BitBucket, GitHub, Google & Azure cloud logins

Users can use any existing opensource plugins or develop custom plugins to integrate organization specific SAML/OpenID SSO

New/Custom Rule Creation



Activate/De-activate built-in rules



Anypoint Studio Plugin



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