Deployment Template

Deployment template are logical grouping to store deployment properties.

Steps to Create a Template

If you are using IZOps for the first time, the Create Space wizard will popup once logged in.
  1. On the left pane navigate to Org Settings.

  2. Click on [Deployment Template], lists all the available templates.

    deployment templates 0774f

  3. Create a Deployment Template.

    • Choose a meaningful Template Name.

    • Choose Runtime Version. This is the mule runtime version. Example: 3.9.1 , 4.0..

    • Choose Worker Size. The number of vCores you will like to dedicate to this application.

    • Choose Cloudhub Region. The cloudhub server location.

    • Choose Number of Workers dedicated for this application.

    deployment templates b927c

  4. Edit a template by clicking on edit

deployment templates 7ea0d

Template created can be seen on deployment page