Generate API Wizard

Generate API Wizard guides you through a simple interface to create enterprise API based on an existing API pattern.

The wizard follows the best practices and creates the relevant Design Center Project, publishes the API to Exchange, creates a private portal with the selected API portal structure.

Before proceeding further, you should first have configured at least one API as API pattern. Please refer to "Create API Pattern" topic for steps to configure API pattern for the enterprise.

Steps to create an API using the Generate API wizard are:

  1. Browse to Accelerator webLogin with your credentials.

  2. Select the Generate API option from the IZ Accelerator menu to launch the wizard. generate api select menu 58fa2

  3. Enter the following details to create the new API

    1. API Name - Name to use API to be generated

    2. API Version - Version to be used for API to be generated

    3. Organization - Organization/Business Group under which the API needs to be generated generate api wizard config af5c9

  4. When you click the "Generate API" button, you will be able to see the status of the API generation. generate api generate status 98612

  5. You should see the status as COMPLETED if the API generation is successful(as shown below) or ERROR with a detailed description in case of errors. generate api completed successfully 38804

  6. You can click the Detailed Logs button to view the detailed logs for the creation of the API. This will be especially helpful in case of issues during API generation. generate api detailed logs 8ed93

  7. You can view the generated API in exchange and design center. generate api api in exchange 71f33