Access Management

The Access Management section shows you how to manage permissions for access to different features within the product for users of an organization.

Access Management feature is ONLY available for Organization licenses or Multi-User licenses - since for a single user, the access control is done directly at the user license level. If you belive that you should have access to this feature and you have an organization level/multi user license, please contact your Organization administrator.

Access the Access Management Screen

To access the Access Management page:

  1. Go to IZ Accelerator screen.

  2. Select the Access Management option from the menu option on your left corner. acl select menu 645bc

  3. If you do not have access to this feature, you will see a message showing that you do not have access to this feature. acl no access 8fef7

Modify User Privileges

If you have access to this feature, you can modify the privileges of the others in the organization as follows:

  1. Enter the E-mail ID of the user within the organization.

  2. Select the features the user should have access to. acl select features 18ba9

  3. Select Submit to save the privileges.