Download and Install IZ Analyzer Anypoint Studio Plugin

Before installing and using IZ Anypoint Studio Plugin, make sure you have:

  • Purchased a valid license.

  • Business Group/Organization assosiated with the isssued license.

  • For on-premise instances, please use your organization specific service url instead of

Install Plugin

  1. Go to HelpInstall New Software and add the plugin update site in the address bar. On-premise users with server plugin version 1.5 or below can continue to use update site. studio install add url

  2. Select the required features, click on Next and follow the installation instructions

  3. Restart Anypoint Studio after installation

  4. Login to Click on your Profile icon and navigate to My Account. Select the Security tab and generate a new token by providing a token name. sonar cloud generate token

  5. Go to WindowPreferencesIZ Preferences, provide the Service Url as and enter the access token generated in the previous step for the Access Token field.

    1. Click on Test Connection to ensure connection is successful.

    2. Click on Sync Metadata to sync the Organization and available Quality Profiles -

      1. Organization → Organization feature is applicable only if connecting to IZ Analyzer cloud.

      2. Quality Profiles → Choose the required Quality Profile to sync the rules from server. If none of the Quality Profiles are selected, default one will be used. studio iz preferences

    3. Choose Apply and Select Apply and Close