Create API Pattern

To generate new enterprise APIs in an organization, first we need to create/designate the enterprise API patterns we will use as basis for generation. Please note that IZ Accelerator doesn’t set up any restrictions on how an Enterprise API should look like and how the Enterprise portal should behave. IZ Accelerator is flexible to work with any customized Anypoint Exchange API and Portal as the template for API generation.

Please note that before you can create an Enterprise API template, you would need to follow Mulesoft’s API life cycle:

  1. Create an API Pattern in Design Center.

  2. Publish the API Pattern to Exchange.

Create and Publish the API Pattern

  1. Login to Anypoint Platform, Navigate to Design Center. Create New API Specification. create new api starter kit specification

  2. Create a RAML definition to use as API pattern and publish the same to Exchange. starter api kit in exchange

If you require a starter API and Portal to set up as enterprise integration pattern, please reach out to us on Integral Zone Support Portal and we will provide a starter template which can be customized as per your requirements.

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