Build Template

Build template enables users to configure build workflows.

Organization admin can configure build template to manage DevOps pipelines.

Steps to Create a Template

If you are using IZOps for the first time, the Create Space wizard will popup once logged in.
  1. On the left pane navigate to Org Settings.

  2. Click on Configurations, these are properties used by build steps.

    build template 35039

  3. Enter Name, is Secure[Enable to hide the values], Configuration Type and Value.

    build template 26414

  4. Click on [Build Template] to open the Build Template wizard.

    build template b27a8

  5. Enter Template Name and Template Description and drag build steps into build sequence click on Configure.

Provide a meaningful name and description

build template d69e6

Edit a template

  1. Rename a template by clicking on edit option.

build template f4ed3

Template created can be seen on deployment page