Install IZ Analyzer - Server Plugin

  • IZ Analyzer plugin supports SonarQube™ version 7.5 and above

Before installing and using IZ Analyzer Server Plugin, make sure you have:

  • Purchased a valid license.

  • Business Group/Organization assosiated with the isssued license.

  • Server plugin jar provided by IZ. Either api-analyzer-plugin-x.x.jar or mule-analyzer-plugin-x.x.jar or both.

Install Plugin:

  1. Copy the plugin jar (either api-analyzer-plugin-x.x.jar or mule-analyzer-plugin-x.x.jar or both) to SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins

  2. Restart SonarQube™ server

  • SONAR_HOME refers to SonarQube™ server installation path

Configure Plugin:

  1. Browse to SonarQube™ server webLogin with admin credentialsAdministration

  2. Select Mule or API from the list of languages based on the plugins installed. Configure the following fields:

    1. License Key: License key provided by Integral Zone

    2. License Email: Email Id against which the license is registered

    3. Click on save sonar server configure mule

License Key and Email will be provided by IZ as part of license activation

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