About Managing Rules

IZ Analyzer manages all the rules centrally in the server which in turn will be accessed by -

  1. On The Fly Results in Anypoint Studio Plugin

  2. Project analysis using Scanner Plugin or Maven Plugin

Users with appropriate access can activate or deactivate the rules.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Centralized managememt of rules for the whole organization

  • Automatic rule synchronization in Anypoint Studio from server

  • Rules can also be synced manually in Anypoint Studio using Sync Rules From Server option in On The Fly Results Pane tab pane

Activating Rules

At any point of time deactivated rules can be activated from SonarQube™ server. All the new activated rules will be synced by Anypoint Studio plugin in regular intervals.

Deactivating Rules

At any point of time an activated rule can be deactivated from SonarQube™ server. Deactivated rules will not be applied while scanning the project.

Custom Rules

Custom rules can be created using simple groovy scripts to add additional rules complying to organization standards.

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