Schedule Deployment

This feature allows you to Trigger the deployment at a future date.

You can also schedule group of deployments all at once. Future chapters will take you through this.

Steps to Schedule a Deployment

Lets schedule a deployment in 3 simple steps.

  1. On the left bar navigate to Space  Deployment and click Schedules.

    schedule deployment 46287

  2. Click on Configure New Schedule.

    To schedule a deployment, you will require the deployment to be created already.

    • Select Deployment/Deployment Group and Deployment Stage.

    • Choose an Interval.

    • Provide a meaningful Scheduler Name and Scheduler Description

    • Toggle Status as per your needs.

    • Click Configure

      schedule deployment d3b7f

      If a job has to run on a specific date and time select the Disable job after first run option.
  3. Deployment Scheduled Successfully.

View Previous Schedules

  1. To view the list of schedules which are created before and their last run status, go to Deployment  Schedules screen.

  2. You will be able to filter the previous run schedules based on a number of fields like the deployment status, run status of the schedule or based on time stamp.

  3. To view a particular instance of a previous schedule, click on View previous schedule on the list schedule screen as shown below.

    list deployment schedules button