Create Business Platform

A Business Platform will have multiple Business Groups with in which we have various environments.

A Business Platform helps us define a platform to Manage CICD by having a Business Group and the selective environments that participate in CICD.

Business Platform can have only one Business Group linked to it.

Steps to Create Business Platform

While creating a space you would have already created a business platform. If you have skipped it then and/or If you need to create additional business platforms follow below steps.

  1. On the left bar navigate to [Space Settings] and click on Business Platform.

    create business platform fc1ea

  2. Click on + icon to Create Business Platform. Enter the required details.

    Before creating Business Platform ensure that you have a Deployment Account for it.

    • Provide a meaningful name and description for Business Platform Name and Business Platform Description. This will be visible within IZOps.

    • Select a specific Business Group by Choosing a Deployment Account.

    • Select lifecycle defined. If you do not want to associate a life cycle, you can skip this field.

    • Choose the environment sequence for Deployment (Deployment Sequence) in which the CICD should function.

      create business platform 2d2ad

If you do not want to associate a business platform to a life cycle, you can leave life cycle field blank. This will make the business platform an ad-hoc managed platform. Business platforms without a life cycle will not be able to take advantage of Deployment Groups functionality.

The business platform created is visible and usable only within the selected space. Ensure you are in the right space before creating any assets.