Manage Rules in Server

Before creating a custom rule, make sure you have:

Create Custom Quality Profile:

  1. Browse to IZ AnalyzerLogin with your credentials → click on your profile icon → Select your organization under My Organizations → click on Quality Profiles menu → Search for Mule Profiles.

    • NOTE: There should be one Built In rule named IZ Mule Rules, which is the default profile. Rules cannot be activated or de-activated on the Built In profile. We need to clone/extend the Built In profile and then activate or de-activate rules.

  2. Click on the SettingsCopy, if not already done sonar server clone built in profile

  3. Enter a New Name for the profile → click on Copy, if not already done sonar server new profile

Activate Rules:

  1. Click on the created new profile Custom - IZ Mule Rules sonar server new profile click

  2. Click on Activate More to activate rules which are deactivated sonar server activate more

  3. Once all the deactivated rules are listed, click on the Activate button against each rule to activate sonar server activate rule

  4. Once all the required rules are activated, go back to Quality Profiles menu → Search for Mule ProfilesSettings icon → Set as Default, if not already done

    • NOTE: Only the profile marked as Default will be used for evaluating the rules sonar server set as default

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