Seed Patterns

When you are getting started with learning IZ Accelerators, its always helpful to have some example patterns to get you started with the concepts. Seed Patterns feature of the IZ Accelerators provides you a way to seed some of the simple, medium and complex pattern examples to load directly from Integral Zone Repository.

Seed Patterns Wizard

Steps to seed patterns from Integral Zone Repository into your Organization are:

  1. Select the Seed Patterns option from the IZ Accelerator menu to launch the wizard. seed patterns select menu 9b784

  2. The screen should automatically list the system type as Integral Zone Default patterns with a number of assets already listed as shown below. Please select the patterns you would like to copy to your organization. seed patterns select assets 6c784

  3. Review screen should list the assets to be copied from Integral Zone repository to your current logged in organization. If you would like to cancel any of the assets to be copied, please feel free to delete them by clicking the trash icon before the pattern. To kick off the copy process, click Copy Assets button as shown below. seed patterns copy assets ad11c

  4. This should kick off the copy process and you should be able to view the copy status directly from the screen as shown below. seed patterns copy status a5276

  5. If everything is successful, you will see the Copy status as completed. In case you would like to see detailed logs, click on the view button under the logs column.

Note that this screen uses the copy wizard of the Exch2Exch product feature within the extension. For more details of the copy feature, please refer to the Copy Assets feature of the Exch2Exch product.

Please note that for you to use the Generate Project feature, you should have Project Template pattern along with at least one source pattern and processor pattern. Application patterns are optional. Please see below for details on the Project Template pattern.

Project Template Pattern

Project Template pattern sets up the skeletal project to be used by the organization as the base of all the projects. Note that this will be enhanced by the different source, processor and application patterns as part of project generation to make it feature complete.

Project template pattern helps achieve the following advantages:

  • Set up skeletal structure of mule projects for a given version of Mule

  • Add any enterprise specific static files you might want to add to all the project files

  • Provide basis for setting mandatory enterprise level artifacts (like default project structure, global MUnit test cases, etc) which will be included in all the projects generated.

Please note that if you do not import/customize this pattern, IZ Accelerator will not be able to generate any projects.