Migrating to version 2.0

What’s new in 2.0

IZ Analyzer 1.5 and below had a single plugin (iz-analyzer-server-plugin-1.x) to scan both Mulesoft projects and APIs (RAML & OAS). With IZ Analyzer 2.0 and above, scanner plugin will be available in 2 flavours -

  1. Mulesoft project scanner (mule-analyzer-plugin) - To scan Mulesoft configuration files & properties

  2. API project scanner (api-analyzer-plugin) - To scan APis, which include RAML & OAS

Details for migrating from 1.x version to 2.x can be found below for various deployment options -

On-premise Users

  1. Navigate to SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins remove the old version of plugin (iz-analyzer-server-plugin-x.x.jar)

  2. Download the latest versions on Mule ans API Analyzer plugins from Releases

  3. Copy the latest plugin jar files (mule-analyzer-plugin-x.x.jar & api-analyzer-plugin-x.x.jar) to SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins

  4. Restart SonarQube™ server

  5. Update Anypoint Studio plugin by following the document here

Cloud Users

  1. All migration/deployment related activities will be managed by Integral Zone.

  2. All cloud users are only required to update the Anypoint Studio plugin by following the document here

API Rules

All built-in API rules will now be available as part of API plugin under Quality Profile Analyzer API Rules, instead of Mule plugin. Any custom API rules have to be deactivated in Mule language profile and created in API language profile.