Deployment Group

Deployment groups are used to logically manage deployments in relation to one another - either sequentially or in parallel.

You will be able to configure various options like what to do in case of failure of a particular deployment when you are configuring a deployment group.

You can also schedule group of deployments all at once. Future chapters will take you through this.

Steps to Create a Deployment Group

Lets create a group in 3 simple steps.

  1. On the left bar navigate to Space  Deployment and click Groups.

    deployment group 95dad

  2. Click on Create group.

    • Enter group name.

    • Check an Sequential and Aborton error options.

    • Choose deployment from list and drop them to deployment sequence.

    • Click Configure

      deployment group 64be6

Build a Deployment Group

  1. On the list deployment group page, select the Build Deployment Group to access Deployment Group View

    build deployment group button

  2. On Build Deployment Group page, you should see details of how the deployment groups are configured and which deployment will be done to which environments in the business group.

    build deployment group

  3. To manually trigger a build, you can click on Trigger Build to kick of deployment for a particular life cycle in the organization.

    deployment group trigger build

View Deployment Group Build Status

  1. To view the deployment group build status, click on Deployment Build Status button as shown below in the build deployment group screen.

    deployment group build status button

  2. For each of the deployments in the deployment group, you will be able to see deployment logs and build reports as shown below.

    deployment group build report button