DevOps will make or break the success of today’s enterprise IT – but it is quite easy to get it wrong. With IZops, we take care of all the heavy lifting which makes DevOps complex so that you can concentrate on what’s really important – solving business problems. IZops makes the entire DevOps Process streamlined, optimized, governed and easy to monitor.


  1. No pre-integrated DevOps framework

  2. DevOps not optimized for lifecycle management

  3. Non-centralized & Unsecured property management

  4. Non-centralized visibility into platform

User Journey illustrated

  • Flow below illustrates overall user journey to achieve DevSecOps via IZ Ops:

    • Login or sign-up section explains option to get started. Note Enterprise authentication is also supported as one of the options.

    • Create a Deployment section covers two major areas i.e. IZ Ops Settings & IZ Ops enterprise features.

user journey