Application Patterns

Application patterns add best practices to the entire implementation of the integration solution. Application patterns generally work on top of all the source and processor patterns to add additional capabilities to the solution as a whole.

IZ Accelerator Pattern Generator provides easy UI feature to create new patterns. As a starting point, Integral Zone provides some sample processor patterns for customers to use as is or to customize further.

ACME MUnit Tests pattern

ACME Munit test pattern adds the ability to add MUnit test cases to an API Based project by default.

MUnit test pattern parses all the RAML API sources within a project and generates MUnit test cases for all the resources using the source input defined within the RAML file.

ACME Enterprise Properties pattern

ACME Enterprise properties pattern adds enterprise standard defined property files to the generated project in a generic fashion

Enterprise properties pattern show cases the following features:

  • Ability to add custom set of property files like, and

  • Add a global configuration file to hold the configuration property placeholder for the properties

  • Include secure property placeholder for the generated properties

New application patterns are released often by Integral Zone to provide as starting point for customization. Seed the Integral Zone processor patterns into Exchange and customize or extend it further using pattern generator feature.