Source Patterns

All integration flows would require some way to trigger the implementation - either through direct invocation, based on events or based on a schedule.

Source Patterns are the re-usable inbound building blocks which kick off the integration flows. There should be atleast one source pattern in every flow for the flow to execute.

IZ Accelerator Pattern Generator provides easy UI feature to create new patterns. As a starting point, Integral Zone provides some of the commonly used source patterns for customers to use as is or to customize further.


RAML API source pattern provides inbound capability for kicking off an integration flow.

RAML API provides advanced edit capabilities with ability to search for an asset in exchange and select it as the source of the implementation. source patterns raml api 350b0

RAML API pattern provides the following features:

  • Ability to search for existing REST APIs in the Exchange using search key word

  • Paginate through the result set to select any custom API

  • Search for both public (Mulesoft published) and Customer specific APIs

When an API is selected in the RAML API Source Pattern, it automatically parses the RAML API and adds the interface routing rules at processor level with all the resources automatically displayed.

For example, in the screenshot below, we have selected Salesforce API and it parses the selected RAML and displays all the different resources within the API at the Processor Level. source patterns raml api processor c59de


Poller source pattern kicks off the flow processing at the scheduled interval. It supports specifying of polling frequency as a configuration option.


HTTP source pattern creates a HTTP listener component to listen to incoming HTTP requests.


SFTP source pattern creates a SFTP listener component to listen to changes in a given SFTP directory.


FTP source pattern creates a FTP connector listener component to listen to changes in an FTP folder.


File source pattern creates a File connector listener to listen to changes in a given path of the file system.


AMQP source pattern creates a Anypoint MQ connector listener to listen to a given Anypoint MQ Queue.

You can create new patterns or customize any of the seeded patterns using the pattern generator feature of IZ Accelerators.