IZ Analyzer covers basic concept of continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities on IZ defined Mule language. Well integrated with SonarQube™ offerings like reports on duplicated code, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, comments, bugs, and security vulnerabilities.


  1. Unavailability of Mule code review tool

  2. Code quality checks

  3. Non-centralized continuous inspection

User Journey Illustrated

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  • Flow below illustrates overall user journey to achieve continuous inspection via IZ Analyzer:

    • User Install IZ Analyzer to start with.

    • Opt one of the installation path Studio Plugin/Server Plugin

    • Developers code in their Anypoint Studio and use IZ Analyzer Plugin to run local analysis.

    • Template rule is a new feature added, this enables user to define their custom rule and respective code.

    • Anypoint Studio Plugin supports scanning and uploading results to server.

    • Analyzer Server processes and stores the analysis report results in Database, and displays the results in UI.

    • Developers review, comment, challenge their Issues to manage and reduce their Technical Debt.