Processor Patterns

Once integration flows are triggered by a source pattern, the implementation of the integration logic will be carried out by processor patterns.

Processor patterns are re-usable building blocks that implement data transformation and connectivity to different target systems of the integration flow.

IZ Accelerator Pattern Generator provides easy UI feature to create new patterns. As a starting point, Integral Zone provides some sample processor patterns for customers to use as is or to customize further.

ACME Salesforce Pattern

ACME Salesforce pattern provides details to connect to a salesforce system for integration.

ACME Salesforce pattern provides the following features:

  • Ability to add salesforce connector to the implementation

  • Provide details of dataweave transformation capability

  • Add best practices of creating connector configuration in a global mule configuration file

You can use this pattern as a base pattern to understand the capabilities of a simple processor pattern.

Parallel Orders Pattern

Parallel Orders Pattern provides an example of a complex processor pattern - with ability to request additional parameters from users during configuration and use it to generate more complex implementation flows.

processor patterns parallel orders 2900b

Parallel orders pattern show cases the following features:

  • Ability to add custom UI for capturing user inputs

  • Create complex flows, conditional expressions and collection splitting capability

  • Ability to add namespaces and modify POM entries in the generated project

  • Add namespaces for the mule configuration files

New processor patterns are released often by Integral Zone to provide as starting point for customization for a customer. Seed the Integral Zone processor patterns into Exchange and customize or extend it further using pattern generator feature.